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GGG News & Updates (March 2012)

Big changes are coming to Get it, Got it, Go! and IGDIs, and we want to keep you up to date. Starting today, IGDIs (Individual Growth and Development Indicators) will be distributed exclusively by Early Learning Labs, Inc. – a private company working with the Center for Early Education and Development and the University of Minnesota to sustain and grow access and use of these measures.

Since 2010, we have been working to change the ways that IGDIs are made available and enhance Get it, Got it, Go! (or G3) so it is more useful. Our intent has been to make sure the measures (and resources to use them effectively) are widely available, that there is support for the growing group of IGDI users, and that we have the means to keep developing improvements and innovations in the years ahead. To do that, we – the research team that developed IGDIs and has been largely responsible for distributing them until recently, the University of Minnesota, and a group of Minnesota educational entrepreneurs – have worked together to form Early Learning Labs. 

At its beginning, Early Learning Labs was a small team within the University of Minnesota. In February 2012, however, Early Learning Labs launched as a private company, responsible for distributing IGDIs and related products and services. We are excited about this change and the opportunities it creates for advancing the research and serving IGDIs users.

Early Learning Labs has transformed the original IGDIs – Picture Naming, Rhyming, and Alliteration – into professionally printed and packaged kits. It has expanded capacity to provide training to programs such as your own. And lastly, Early Learning Labs has devoted significant effort to developing a new and improved web-based reporting service (they tell us it will be released this summer), designed to offer you advanced data management and reporting features.

This also means changes for distribution of IGDIs through Get it, Got it, Go! and the Center for Early Education and Development. Starting today, IGDIs will no longer be widely available for free; rather, premade kits (and web services) must be ordered from Early Learning Labs at myIGDIs.com. Early Learning Labs is also committed to providing access to individuals and programs with limited financial resources.

Data management and reporting resources are not yet available on myIGDIs, but we want to make sure you can continue to use resources you’ve come to rely on, so please feel free to continue using this site, ggg.umn.edu, for your reporting needs until myIGDIs is fully functional. We will update changes in Get it, Got it, Go! in the coming months through notices here and occasional email alerts. In addition, we have organized some frequently asked questions about this transition below.

If you have other questions or comments, you can contact the IGDI research team at ggg@umn.edu.

If you have questions about Early Learning Labs or myIGDIs, please contact info@myigdis.com.
The Get it, Got it, Go! researchers and support staff


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to get the IGDI assessment materials?

IGDIs are now distributed commercially by Early Learning Labs; the University of Minnesota and the Center for Early Education and Development can no longer fulfill your orders. We invite you to contact Early Learning Labs with your requests and questions. To learn how to place an order, please visit myIGDIs.com.

What happened to the PDF downloads previously available on the Get It page of GGG?

The IGDI test measures are no longer available for free download. However, to continue serving programs with extreme funding limitations, Early Learning Labs also offers limited IGDI Scholarship materials. Send a note to info@myigdis.com for more information.

Are the IGDI Kit test items different from what was previously available for download?

The stimulus cards and test items are unchanged. Each IGDI Kit bundles all of the critical test elements into one package and is professionally printed and packaged.

Are there new measures being developed at the University?

As you may know, the IGDI research team is continuously researching improvements to the IGDI test measures. We are actively engaged in this research now (crtiec.org), and expect to produce a new set of assessment materials for measuring language and early literacy development in the future. However, it is too early to determine a schedule for when new items may be made available. Once the research is closer to completion we will be sure to share the news.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at smcconne@umn.edu.

When will the new web-based reporting services be ready to use?

Early Learning Labs is working to release new and improved web-based reporting tools which will be available at myigdis.com. Until that is ready, you will still be able to use the resources at Get it, Got it, Go!

Get the latest news and updates on the new web-based services at myigdis.com.

Does Early Learning Labs offer Professional Development services for IGDIs?

Yes. Our research staff and Early Learning Labs work in collaboration to provide focused professional development seminars. To request a training, click here.

Where can I go to find even more information about IGDIs?

We will maintain research information and respond to general queries at Get it, Got it, Go! and continue to post research and other updates to www.cehd.umn.edu/ceed.

What does this mean for the UM research?

As a group, we remain very committed to research, development, application, and dissemination of information about Individual Growth and Development Indicators, General Outcome Measurement, Response to Intervention, and related topics. We are actively pursuing research on new IGDIs and ways to improve or use existing IGDIs. We hope to continue to do this for some time.

It is also important for you to know that the assessment tools and related resources known as Individual Growth & Development Indicators and Get it, Got it, Go! are intellectual property subject to technology commercialization by the University of Minnesota. Dr. McConnell has an equity interest in and serves as consultant to Early Learning Labs, a company which may commercially benefit from the results of this research. The University of Minnesota also has equity and royalty interests in Early Learning Labs. Further, Dr. McConnell and other IGDI developers are entitled to royalties through the University of Minnesota’s license. These relationships have been reviewed and managed by the University of Minnesota in accordance with its conflict of interest policies.


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