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User Agreement


This User Agreement is designed to describe the conditions of use and limits of application for Get it Got it Go! (G3), a web-based tool for teachers, parents, and others to monitor the growth and development of individual children and groups of children. This Agreement is between the REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA (The Regents) and individuals entering, managing, and reporting data with resources on this site (The Users). Additionally, this Agreement describes responsibilities and rights of the faculty and staff who developed this site and related resources (The Developers). This Agreement describes the purpose of this web-based resource, as well as: (a) copyright and user authorization for duplication and distribution; (b) data ownership; (c) privacy, security, and confidentiality protections provided to individual users and their data; (d) secondary uses of data entered into this site; (e) limitations of liability; (f) conditions associated with the termination of any agreement between The Regents and Users; and (g) ways to request and receive technical support for use of Get it Got it Go!


G3 is a web-based tool, available to parents and teachers or other educators, to provide teachers and parents with state-of-the-art assessment tools, and the infrastructure to use these tools to monitor children's growth and development and to manage the data resulting from these assessments, to generate reports summarizing the current status of groups of children or the progress over time of a single child, and to conduct online discussion of reports and possible intervention implications with constituents, colleagues, and consultants. G3 has three components, Get it—an information resource) Got it—a data entry and management resource), and Go!—a resource for interacting with others online.

Get it provides information about a decision-making approach to assessment and intervention for individual children, the research and evaluation of individual growth and development indicators (IGDIs) and curriculum-based measures (CBM) used in this decision-making model, and access to downloadable assessment formats, stimulus materials, recording sheets and other support materials for implementing IGDI or CBM assessment procedures. Got it provides resources for creating data management resources for school districts or organizations, teachers or parents (Users), and children, and for entering and managing data collected for individual children across extended periods of time. Go! provides resources for a classroom teacher, parent, or other educator/caregiver to invite others (colleagues, supervisors, consultants) to review progress for an individual child, and to "discuss" (through online postings and chats) additional assessment and intervention options to promote better outcomes.

The Developers intend G3 resources and materials to be used to design implement, and manage a comprehensive assessment and decision-making program for infants and toddlers, preschool-aged children, elementary and secondary students. Additionally, the Developers assume that these resources and materials will support effective developmental and educational practice, and will contribute to improved outcomes for individuals and groups of children.

The use of G3 resources is currently free of charge. In the future, charging for use of G3 resources may become necessary in order to maintain the services provided to Users. The Regents and Developers reserve the right to change this pricing model with appropriate notice.

Copyright and Authorization

All web pages, reports, stimulus materials, reports, and artwork presented on this site are copyrighted by the Regents of the University of Minnesota, unless otherwise noted. The Regents grant to Users a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable authorization to access, print, and use these materials for the limited purposes of assessing growth and development, describing educational interventions, or conducting educational and/or developmental research. This authorization assumes the User will not sell or otherwise profit from distribution of these materials, and will credit the Developers and Regents on all disseminations incorporating these materials.


All materials are copyrighted. However, data entered into G3 by Users (including information entered to User and Child Profiles, and Child Data, or scores resulting from developmental or academic assessments) are not owned by the Regents.

Consent to Enter Child Data

It is the responsibility of the User, not the Regents, to obtain any consent that may be necessary to enter Child Data into G3 and to permit the data's use in accordance with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality

User and Child Data will be maintained on secure servers at the University of Minnesota. Access to User Profiles and Child profiles and data will be password-protected, and restricted to those individuals identified by the User. No individual Profiles or Child Data will be released without the express request and/or permission of the User, except as required by law. Please read the University of Minnesota's Online Privacy Statement.

Secondary Uses of Data

Unless the User indicates otherwise on User or Child Profiles, Users grant permission to the Developers or their designees for secondary use of information. These secondary uses are restricted to activities designed to improve G3 resources and services, or research activities conducted by the Developers or their designees, as reviewed and approved by appropriate Institutional Review Board(s). User and Child Profiles and Child Data for these secondary use will be available only to Developers or approved researchers, and no further distribution of these data will be permitted. All secondary use data will be kept private, and no individual will be identifiable in any report or publication resulting from these secondary uses. Whenever possible, secondary uses of G3 data will not include information that allows for individual identification.

Limitations of Liability

The Regents and Developers assume responsibility for maintaining G3 resources and the integrity of User and Child Data. The User maintains all responsibility for collecting Child Data, maintaining appropriate restrictions for accessing data, gathering and interpreting reports of Child Data, and developing, implementing, and evaluating developmental, educational, or other interventions on the basis of these data. The Users assume all liability for decisions made using data entered into or reported from G3, and Regents have no liability therefor.

Termination of Relationship and Disposition of Data

Access to G3 resources can be terminated by Regents, Developers, or Users without cause and with appropriate notice. Further, Users or Developers can, with appropriate notice, modify Data Owner and User access to maintain protection and appropriate oversight of User and Child Profiles and Child Data. At the time of termination, User and Child Profile and Child Data will be retained in the G3 database for a period of at least one year; unless otherwise indicated, nonidentifiable Profile and Child Data will be retained after that time for secondary use purposes only.


The Regents will maintain online and limited telephone support for Users and Data Owners until at least October 1, 2002, with additional support after that date, as funds are available. The Regents and Developers will notify all Users and Data Owners of support beyond that date, and will provide appropriate notice prior to terminating this support.

By using any G3 resources, you agree to the terms stated herein.

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